Laboratory of Advanced Science and Technology

3D Printer Concept Laser MLab cusing R

The system of additive production of metal products by the method of selective laser melting Concept Laser MLab cusing R.

The main module of the Concept Laser MLab cusing R system designed for the manufacture of parts by the method of selective laser melting LASERCUSING from reactive and non-reactive powder metals. The software used: Marcam AutoFab Mlab.


  • Build envelope: 90 x 90 x 80 mm3 (x,y,z)
  • Laser system: Fibre laser 100 W (cw)
  • Pressurized working chamber with online O2 analyzer

Available powder materials:

  • remanium star CL, alloy CoCr, (EN ISO 9693/ DIN EN ISO 22674)
  • rematitan CL, Ti 6Al 4V (DIN EN ISO 9693/ DIN EN ISO 22674)
  • CL20ES stainless steel (1.4404, CrNiMo 316L)
  • CL 41Ti ELI Ti6Al4V titanium alloy, (ASTM F 136-02a (ELI Grate 23))
  • CL 42Ti titanium alloy, (ASTM F67 and ASTM B348 grate 2)

3D-Scanner scan3D Universe

The universal mobile 3D scanner “scan3D Universe” allows obtaining a 3D model of a physical object for further digital and real processing, for example, quality control or 3D printing. The 3D scanner “scan3D Universe” is designed to perform metrological measurements, create highly textured models, etc.


  • Camera resolution: 1.3; five; 10 Mpix
  • Minimum scanning area: 150x200 mm
  • Maximum scanning area: 1200 ¬ x 1600 mm
  • Accuracy: 20-40 microns
  • Scanning time: 1-10 sec.

Universal test tensile testing machine Shimadzu Autograph AG-Xplus

«Shimadzu Autograph AG-Xplus» universal tensile testing machine for physical and mechanical testing of various materials.

The Shimadzu Autograph AG-Xplus testing machine allows to carry out tests on:

  • stretching
  • compression
  • bend
  • Single and cyclic tests

Machine power 10kN. Test clamping devices wedge-shaped clamps for breaking, compression plate for compression test, clamping device for bending tests. Used software TRAPEZIUM X.

Micron-tribo friction machine

The Micron-tribo friction machine is designed for friction and wear tests according to the “ball-disk”, “finger-disk” scheme. It consists of a mechanical unit, an electronics unit and software.


  • rotational speed –20-65 rpm
  • maximum sample diameter – 110 mm
  • maximum sample thickness – 25mm
  • track diameter – 3-40mm
  • maximum load –15n
  • dimensions - 200х110х210.

Micron-beta profilometer

Micron-beta contactless interference 3-D profilograph, designed to restore surface microtopography by processing a sequence of interference patterns in white light.


  • Scanning field (X, Y) - 100x90 (1300x1000) µm
  • Horizontal resolution (X, Y) - 0.16 (2) µm
  • Maximum measured height of the relief - (Z) - 40 (80) microns
  • Vertical resolution (Z) - 3 (5) nm
  • Time to get 3D topography - 0.5 - 5 minutes